Updates on KLM flight schedule from and to Hong Kong

10/20/2022, Thursday

KLM latest flight schedule on Hong Kong route

As of November 2022, we operate 2 weekly flights between Hong Kong and Amsterdam, trying our upmost to facilitate our customers. 

We are ready to take you to reconnect with the world!

Here please check our latest flight schedule. 

Flight Schedule (3rd November 2022 - 24th March 2023)

Flight No.DateDepartureArrival
Amsterdam-Hong KongKL819Thu, Sat21:5519:40 (+1)
Hong Kong-AmsterdamKL820Fri, Sun21:3007:15 (+1)

(All flight times are shown in local time)

* Notice: Flight schedule and transit policy may subject to change, please visit local government website for latest updates. Please check flight status before departure!

**Both KL819 and KL820 will be operated with a stopover at Bangkok. There might be other passengers embark or disembark at Bangkok. 

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Preparation before travel

Under current situation, travel restrictions vary, depending on different destinations. In order to secure a smooth and safe journey, we highly recommend our passengers to check KLM TravelDoc prior to departure and make sure you meet all travel requirements of your destination.

For Hong Kong entry policy, please click below link to check details on Hong Kong SAR government website.

Check travel requirements on Traveldoc

Check Hong Kong entry requirements

COVID Test locations for passengers departing from Hong Kong

  • Authorized laboratories in Hong Kong SAR

Please click here to view the list of authorized laboratories for PCR test by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

  • Testing at HKG Airport

In addition, pre-departure COVID-19 test has been also available at two non-restricted area locations of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) starting from 08 December 2020. Passengers are advised to book the test in advance. For details, please refer to the official announcement on HKG Airport website.

Special notice for travelers bounding for Chinese Mainland

Enforcement of 1 single ticket rule for Air France KLM passengers travelling to Chinese Mainland as from 22nd March 2021

In view of the current sanitary situation and the regulations for passengers flying to Chinese Mainland (PCR and IgM tests mandatory at Departure and Transit Airports), KLM has decided to strictly enforce 1 ticket rule for passengers flying to Chinese Mainland when traveling via our Hub at Amsterdam Schiphol (SPL) airport.

As from 22nd March 2021, any KLM passenger flying to Chinese Mainland via Amsterdam Schiphol (SPL) with separate tickets will not be able to travel and will be stopped at the first KLM touchpoint.

If your itinerary has more than one flight, please contact your Ticketing agency or KLM Call Center before traveling to ensure you are holding one ticket for your full itinerary to Chinese Mainland. If you are holding two separate tickets for your trip to China, please ask your ticketing Agency or KLM Call Center to modify your two tickets to one ticket. Modifications are subject to ticket conditions.